So many people have surprised and humbled us with their support in our daily lives and in our efforts for Henry. These are people with their own struggles and challenges who have taken the time to help our family and the cause. These acts of kindness keep us going as a family and inspire us to do more, to change the outcome, to end Duchenne. If you would like to get involved, please contact us.


Last spring we asked John Peel if he knew how we could make a website where people could pay for a golf tournament online. A few months later his company, 2e Creative, executed a branding and marketing campaign that brought to life the possibilities we imagine not just for Henry but for the entire Duchenne community. They have given us the name and the platform. Now we need to make it happen, to end Duchenne.


Debbie Grubbs, a reading specialist at Hudson Elementary School, surprised us over Spring Break 2014 by challenging her Facebook followers to do the Polar Plunge for Henry. Debbie and Mike Grubbs, Denise Foley, Michael Pingel, and Angie Beirne and her daughters took the plunge and raised money for Team Henry in the process.


In 2012, when they learned about Henry’s diagnosis, Karen Airaghi and Ann Cook, teachers and friends in the Webster Groves School District, decided to fundraise directly for Henry by selling t-shirts with his self-portrait. Brian and Angie Beirne, owners of St. Louis Tees, have been printing these shirts for us, as well as helping with the golf tournament ever since. More than the money they earn for Team Henry, the t-shirts are a sweet reminder of a little guy’s vision of himself.


Chuck Schmelzle began this golf tournament years ago for fun and then, after his own battle with cancer, for charity. When Henry was diagnosed, Chuck offered to do this tournament for him. Chuck works tirelessly to make this tournament a success. Without him, we would not be able to hold such a fun, successful tournament. He works so hard for us and we are grateful. More than anything, we appreciate being part of the Schmelzle family!